Sadly, upgrading is going to take time, I was under the impression that it was only £20 extra but having spoken to WordPress, the cost is actually £20 per month extra! 😦


New July Update: Thank you BF for your donation towards the final upgrade! On another subject – The site has lost massive ground on Google search results so I would ask if you would all kindly share the site with others or link back to it if you have your own site [if that is possible], thank you. On Tor browser the site is on the first page and using Firefox [and Duck Duck Go as search engine] it is on first page too. Linking back to it [I know this may not be possible for non WWII sites] would be most helpful

I would like to upgrade the site again [to business] it means UNLIMITED space and many more features that we really need. The cost is £156, please consider a donation, thank you.

June Update: Thank you BF, HU and Anon for your generous donations. Thanks to you we are able to upgrade! This means more content, more features and Video!! It does mean I will be working on the site a lot over the weekend so bear with me, I will try to upload as much as I can as quickly as I can.  Some pages will generate an error whilst the work is ongoing.

When the year expires the site will cost  a further £84gbp [£7gbp a month] to keep going as a Premium site, so if you have not donated, please consider doing so, even something as small as a £1gbp gift makes a difference. I may also add a shop here as I have one or two things people might find of interest. Again a very warm thank you to those friends who have helped move this site forward! 

May Update: We are almost there, thanks to a very generous donation from a visitor [thank you!] we almost have enough in the coffers to do an upgrade for 12 months, we are just £20 gbp short of the target! Unfortunately, WordPress had upped the cost of the upgrade since I first posted about it. Upgrading means so much more content can be added. Please consider a donation using the donate page. Thank you 


March Update: Apart from some font errors and a few other hiccups the site is now running again and pages are open to all.

February Update: This site will be opened again shortly, the error messages will disappear and the private pages will become public once more. I will be adding more pictures of Peiper [some new!] please bookmark the site and visit again soon, thank you for your patience. 

When using the images or content, kindly credit me/this site as the source. Thanks