Sigurd Hinrichson (spotted dress)

Sigurd Hinrichson (spotted dress) On your far right next to Reinhard Heydrich is her best friend Hedwig Potthast


Sigurd Hinrichson

Sigurd with Ursula Dietrich-Trial May1946

Sigurd and Ursula Dietrich (Frau Dietrich is wearing patterned jacket)


Sigurd in France

For Lesley_0012

Sigurd Hinrichson

Familie und Freunde

Fritz Kosmehl mit Peiper. Er blieb sehr nah an Peiper und seine Familie. Dieser Besuch war Peiper zu Hause in Schmellbachstraße Stuttgart im Jahr 1960. Er war es, Peiper wieder besuchen sehr oft in Frankreich und war einer der ersten, die das Haus in Traves nach dem Mord kommen. (Fritz, Jochen, Sigurd und Elke)

Fritz Kosmehl, Peiper’s radio operator blinded as a result of injuries. He remained very close to Peiper and his family. This visit was to Peiper’s home in Schmellbachstraße Stuttgart in 1960. He was to visit Peiper again quite often in France and was one of the first to come to the house in Traves after the murder. Image shows Fritz, Jochen, Sigurd and Elke


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