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Ardennes Campaign- Operations of Battlegroup Peiper-16-26-December 1944


Ardennes 1944 Osprey Elite Series: Peiper and Skorzeny


German Commanders of WWII Osprey Elite Series

Camouflage of the German Panzers 1939-45 Squadron/Signal Publications

Men At Arms Series – Waffen SS Osprey Elite Series

Kursk – The German View

Gerhard Stiller (DI) VOL. 2_0049

Malmedy report

Panzer Aces III

Toland John: Battle – Story of the Bulge


PANTHER TANK USER MANUAL  (With Illustrations!)

TIGER TANK USER MANUAL (With Illustrations!)

Jagdpanther(Preliminary guidelines for the use of
heavy tank destroyer V “Jagdpanther”)

Armor November December 1989

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  2. Great honourful page in the memory of europes true heroes, salute from Norway


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