I know now
why I love you.
It is not just your strength
It is
Your pride
Your loyalty
Your Honour

You take my breath away…

I cannot breathe,
I am lost
Like a bird carried on a strong breeze
Like a leaf on a blustery Autumn day
I’m lost in you, swept away
This is why I honour you
Each waking day
And every quiet sleeping night
I understand what made you fight
For love of your nation
For freedom not red army unification

“Where would the war torn West be?”
If it had not been for
Knights like thee
You were a redeemer
That splendid Knight
Who fought the beast
And brought in the Light
Such a heroic feat
in the face of defeat

Then became not a hero
But a rogue
In other eyes
Eyes that can’t see
What it was
that was meant to be
They stripped you of your
Knightly wear
tried to break you
with pain that you could not bear
firm and strong
You stood
bold and straight
and the hangman’s noose
it did wait

A heroic knight that had done no wrong
And all the while
Was to be your fate…
You still stood resolute
While others pleaded with you
you replied…
“A retired German tank commander
Begging for his life? It will never happen”
You told the truth
You never lied

Germany turned you away
her forgotten son,
another one.
And so your sanctum was to be
in another place,
another country
And on that summers fateful eve
A new star appeared and shone so bright
That star is Jochen Peiper
An Admirable Knight

By Site Author

2 thoughts on “An Admirable Knight
  1. just beautiful


  2. you are not forgotten, Kiss from Germany

    Liked by 1 person

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