Michael Welch Sculptures | Collection | World War Two

I know art does not necessarily have to look like the subject of the artwork. And, although I do not like the sculptures shown here, (neither one look like Witt or Peiper) what I do like is that someone has actually bothered to do a sculpture of them and has something positive to say in the description! ☺ Michael Welch Sculptures crafts sculptures by hand and with a historical theme. Featuring the Old West, American…
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Top 10 Facts About SS-Standartenführer Joachim Peiper

As someone kindly sent me the link and pointed out to me “They call this history…“! From “WAR HISTORY ONLINE” comes more Peiper inconsistencies that they refer to as “facts” 😒 Many men, soldiers, and supporters of Hitler and his politics, helped Germany do the damage it did during World War II. One of those men was Joachim Peiper. A young teenager when Hitler first r Source: Top 10 Facts About SS-Standartenführer Joachim Peiper